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Process Analysis for Stone Crushing Machinery

The working principle of Stone production line is very clever. Form an artificial waterfall like when the gravel stream into two shares stream overflow feeder, where the outer edge of the part of the gravel along the overflow.
Another part of the gravel through the hole into the overflow inside the high-speed rotation of the turntable, turntable, and then this part of the stone throw to. Stones go great energy against rushing waterfall-like stone, stone rock phenomenon occurs. Gravel from big to small sand. The shattered stone crusher preliminary goes through further screening use, by sieving to artificial sand sieve. In fact, the process of re-broken, also produce a part of the sand. Based on practical experience, the Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher and sand making co-workers of the Department can be very efficient. Crusher also use the high-speed rotation of the rotor, the material thrown counterattack plate by the impact crushing the materials to rebound to the plate hammer, by the rotor high-speed throwing rejection also some stone to do a « stone hit stone » of the impact through the repeated multiple collision impact grinding process, until the material reached the required particle size, can be produced by screening a variety of stones and artificial sand.

All in all, the process of gravel is material from big to small, from small sand. Therefore, the selection process, the selection of equipment, the product you choose is very important. These two devices are not the same because of the principle of jaw crusher, cone crusher, Stationary Crusher and other equipment, and therefore, they are broken grain shape all of them was the cube, Park Run plump, especially good compressive strength requirements with sand meet the high-grade highways are favored for other important projects, such as overpasses, airport runway construction.

Yifan sand making production line equipment and spring cone crusher are necessary to meet the international standard, and to achieve the finished particles norms for a high yield, the most important is the lower dust content, in order to reduce costs, many enterprises, mechanical the stone production stones devices better and more suitable for the production.

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