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Better Synthetic Turf for Cricket Players

It is well known that synthetic turf can be used for many popular professional and recreational sports, including football, soccer, tennis, golf, and even lacrosse. However, there are even more options for the use of sports turf in regards to more specialized or niche sports including cricket and bowling, which have both successfully employed the use of synthetic grass as sporting surfaces.
The use of synthetic grass has replaced older mats used for cricket many years ago. Because of durability, high quality performance, and low maintenance, these sports have benefited from the use of artificial grass surfaces. Artificial grass used for cricket games can be made from two different types of sports Artificial Turf, denoted by the actual pitch itself, as well as the outfield. Before the grass is installed, it is laid upon the concrete rubber shock pad that acts as a sturdy foundation for the pitch. The main pitch surface is usually really short bladed uniform synthetic grass. This allows the cricket ball to easily glide in different directions. New synthetic running track surface has allowed cricket players to have a very even and sturdy performance surface to play on.
The great thing about artificial grass pitches for cricket is the fact that they are the all weather alternative. Historically, past mats used for cricket were not friendly to all seasons. The concrete slab may have been covered with coir mats during the summer, and dirt or soil in the winter. This highly affected the seasons in which cricket enthusiasts could play or even attend the games to watch. With synthetic grass pitches, blistering hot summers do not damage playing surfaces, while heavy rain and nippy winters are easily withstood as well.
Another significant benefit of synthetic running track surface for cricket is the fact that they are a safe surface for players. These pitches are flat, secure, and completely absorb shock. They are both durable and solid, allowing it to be strong to withstand impact from several missiles, even from the fastest bowlers. With the very even surface that synthetic grass creates, batsmen are able to maintain proper balance and footing for batting. The type ofpolyurethane running track used for cricket pitches is made specifically with the perfect amount of bounce that remains consistent with every game. Synthetic running track surface are ideal for modern day cricket since they have quickly replaced the hassles of mats and soil.

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